Trade Marks & Brands

Your trade marks are likely to be your most important intellectual property asset. A strong brand makes you stand out from the crowd, and gives you a significant competitive advantage over your rivals. Building brands takes imagination, creativity and hard work. It rarely happens by chance.

As you build your brand, it is likely that threats are just around the corner. We will help you take proactive steps to safeguard it. These include:

- setting up a watching service to monitor third party activity
- carrying out clearance searches
- filing trade mark applications
- prosecuting applications through to registration

Post-registration, our focus is on the protection and enforcement of your trade marks, taking appropriate action to stop infringements before they damage the identity and reputation of your brand is key.

With an impeccable track record in trade marks, we set the standard for trade mark protection work and have a large number of reported cases. Clients are located around the world and range from innovative individuals and sole traders to global brand leaders.

We can help you by:

- Creating and protecting distinctive trade marks and brands
- Obtaining trade mark registrations worldwide
- Prosecuting applications, appeals and oppositions
- Conducting trade mark clearance and searching
- Reviewing, consolidating and improving trade mark portfolios
- Auditing trade mark portfolios
- Enforcing and defending trade mark rights
- Providing infringement advice


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