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At the time of the Great Exhibition in 1851, England was regarded as the "workshop of the world" and the leading country for engineering technology. Because of this, Professor Jensen of Copenhagen University decided to send his son Peter to England to train as an engineer, where he subsequently became an early member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. 

He set up his own engineering consultancy firm in the 1860s and on the 26th January 1867 he filed a patent application for a gearing system for a Danish company. In the patent specification he described himself as a consulting engineer and patent agent. We regard that date as the start of Jensen & Son, Patent Attorneys. From this first patent, which describes a gearing system for a horse-powered wheel, we have progressed to patenting the latest technology, such as satellite communication systems and vehicles having 600 HP engines, inventions beyond the wildest dreams of our founder. 

Jensen & Son is one of the longest established and most innovative firms of Patent Attorneys in Europe. Continuity is a characteristic of the firm which is quite unique in having had only five Senior Partners in its nearly 150-year history. As part of its commitment to its clients, Jensen & Son opened an office in Munich close to the sites of the Unified Patent Court and European Patent Office.

We are a full service IP firm – we can help from the inception in identifying rights, clearing them, protecting them and enforcing them (very few firms can do this). We also have massive experience in worldwide protection and portfolio administration, and are the only firm to have protected a trade mark in all classes in every jurisdiction.

Underpinning our practice is our philosophy of being close to our clients and of providing a personalised, friendly service. We have associates in nearly every country in the world and some of our business relationships with these associates and our clients have existed for more than 100 years.

Jensen & Son also possesses extensive knowledge on contentious issues, including oppositions and infringement actions before the Courts and before Patent & Trade Mark Offices in many countries. We are currently involved in litigation and oppositions world-wide.


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