Joanne Moore -  Senior Associate

Joanne, who is bi-lingual in English and German and a long term resident in Munich, entered the patent profession in 2003, qualified as a European Patent Attorney in 2007, and worked in private practice in Munich before joining Jensen & Son to help set up an office in Munich.

Joanne’s practice focuses on prosecution and opposition work before the European Patent Office. Joanne drafts patent applications as well as performing prosecution and opposition work in both English and German. She also has extensive experience in managing the prosecution of foreign patent applications, in particular in the USA, as well as in managing the prosecution of complex patent families world-wide.

Prior to joining the profession, Joanne worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the field of high temperature superconductors at Oxford University, in Florida and the Technische Universität München for nearly 10 years. During this time she was able to accumulate a wide-ranging practical technical knowledge base.

Joanne’s areas of tehnical expertise include materials science, in particular superconductors, ceramics, composites and alloys and manufacturing of materials, semiconductor technology, automotive technology, agricultural technology and medical devices.

Recent major decisions in cases presented by Joanne

- EPO Technical Board of Appeal. Acting for the opponent/respondent, the Technical Board of Appeal revoked the patent on the grounds of lack of inventive step despite some features of the claims not being dsiclosed in the cited references forming the basis for the decision (T1253/10).

- Petition for Review before the Enlaged Board of Appeal. The Enlarged Board of Appeal decided that the exercise of discretion by the Technical Board of Appeal is not open to review(R 10/09). This decision is cited in five sections of the EPO case law book, 7th Edition.

- EPO Technical Board of Appeal. A decision involving the patentability of method claims under the EPC in the field of surgery and therapuetic methods.

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