Damian Latif - Senior Associate

Damian Latif is a Registered Trade Mark Attorney and Member of the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (ITMA).
He joined the profession in 1999 with BATMARK, the Trade Mark Department of British American Tobacco.

Damian has worked in private practice with Jensen & Son since 2001 and is experienced in all aspects of trade mark work including the searching, filing and prosecution of trade marks worldwide.
Damian has a degree in Business and Law, an LLM in Intellectual Property Law and has obtained a post graduate diploma in Legal Practice. His recently reported cases include:

- W.S Foster & Son Ltd v Brooks Brothers UK Ltd [2013] EWPCC 18
Claim for passing off by bespoke shoemaker Foster & Son against American fashion chain Brooks Brothers.

- Able C & C Co Ltd v Mary Quant Cosmetics Japan Ltd
O/246/08 MISSH.
At first instance (see BL O/303/07 and BL O/305/07) the Hearing Officer had found against the opponents in two related oppositions. The opponents appealed under Section 76 claiming, inter alia, that the Hearing Officer had erred in not giving consideration to the effect of possible colour combinations in his assessment of the marks.

However, the Appointed Person, upheld the Hearing Officer’s decisions; in particular he ruled that “……. registration in black-and-white provides protection unrelated to colour. " Protection related to colour is the corollary of registration in colour. It is not open to claim protection related to colour on the basis of the registration cited.

- Ghazilian's Application [2001] RPC 33.
An appeal before the Appointed Person concerning the morality of an application for a registered trade mark.

You can contact Damian Latif at damian@jensens.co.uk

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