We can advise you on the protection and exploitation of your ideas, inventions, designs and brands on a world-wide basis. As one of the longest established firms of Patent Attorneys in Europe, we have the experience to make this complicated process as simple as possible.

We are a full-service IP firm, offering services relating to all aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), that is Patents, Trade Marks, Design and Copyright, including searching, registration, renewal, administration and infringements.

Our strengths lie in the drafting, filing and prosecution of all types of IPRs world-wide. We have substantial experience in dealing with the European Patent Office, Community Trade Mark Office and Patent & Trade Mark Offices throughout the world and can act directly in many jurisdictions to keep the costs to you down.

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Your first consultation with us is free of charge. We will be able to advise you on what protection is available and the different options open to you.

As an additional free service we offer our clients access to our database to enable them to produce searches using updated live data and to our SSL content management portal to allow for the secure transfer of files and data.

IP Guide

Intellectual Property Rights are essentially national rights granted by governments to protect innovation and give their owner a legally defined monopoly over the rights. There are different types of rights:
Patents protect inventions, the technical implementation of ideas. 

™ Trade Marks  protect your name and brands. 
® Registered Designs protect the aesthetic appearance of a product. 
© Copyrights protect original artistic and literary works.

Patents, Trade Marks and Designs have to be registered in each country in which protection is required. It is essential to point out that if any of your Intellectual Property is not duly protected, it is possible for another trader to effectively gain full rights over it.





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